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    Changzhou Anscoep chemical Co., Ltd.
        中文版     英文版

    Changzhou Ansciep Chemical Co., Ltd, located in Wujin Hi-Tech industrial district, is a professional supplier of heterocycle & phenyl derivatives and specialty chemicals. We have been dedicating to developing, manufacturing and distributing since 2001. Our catalogue covers more than 2000 competitive products, among which most are available in stock.


    We work with experienced senior researchers and well-trained technicians. Rely on technique support of Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry our R&D center develops innovative compounds continuously. Also we undertake projects for custom synthesis and process improvement. Manufacturing base in Anhui province enables us commercial production for regular products.


    Driven by quality and customer satisfaction Ansciep is growing very fast and becoming main source for a lot of contract manufacturing companies and organic institutes. Being a reliable, efficient and diligent company we sincerely expect more opportunities to service world-wide customers for mutual benefits.

    Brief History:

    2001 Changzhou Zhongtian Chemical Co., Ltd established production for pyridine derivatives & customer synthesis

    2008 Changzhou R&D center established route development on heterocycles, phenyl derivatives & process improvement

    2010 Changzhou Ansciep Chemical Co., Ltd established product sales & trading business

    2014 Anhui manufacturing base established Commercial production for regular products & synthesis for hundreds kg

    2016 Henan manufacturing base established Fluoride and phenyl derivatives pilot synthesis on hundreds kg

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