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    Changzhou Anscoep chemical Co., Ltd.
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    •   Custom Synthesis

      Ansciep provides high-quality and cost-effective custom synthesis service with quantity ranging from grams to tons. We built up 350 square meter R&D centre well equipped with advanced equipments and analytical facilities. We are good at halogenation, alkylation, acylation, sulfonation, nitration, oxygenation and reduction reaction. Years of R&D experience makes us to offer efficient solutions for customers’ specific requests. Normally we take 1-2 working days to evaluate solutions and budget costs after receiving inquiries.

    •   Process Research & Development

      Accumulated strong experience in chemistry technology from our catalog compounds production Ansciep assists customers in process development and manufacture of key intermediate. The services include:

      Synthetic route scouting

      —Process development and optimization

      —Impurity profiling

      —Pilot plant and commercial manufacture of key intermediates

      —Technology transfer

    •   Catalogue product sales & outsourcing Trade

      Besides our own products we also source and export chemicals from other Chinese companies. As a well-known company we keep close collaboration with most of local chemical plants. Our widespread supplier network gives us the advantage of choosing qualified manufacturers and negotiating best prices. Here are a lot of customers who trust and choose us as their long term sourcing partner in China.

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