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    Changzhou Anscoep chemical Co., Ltd.
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    •   Customer Satisfaction

      Ansciep is committed to being your preferred partner, not only in providing high quality products, but also comprehensive services.

      Order management

      We have sales dept which deal with customer’s inquiry from Monday to Saturday. Any email, telephone, fax or online request will be treated in 1 working day. Sales people offer actual and accurate information and keep order status updated with customers.

      On-time delivery

      We know international shipping regulations and Chinese customs operations very well. Logistics staffs coordinate the arrangement of all shipments to meet the customers’ requirements. Staffs track shipments to ensure timely deliveries and work to facilitate customs clearance. Especially we have rich experience in hazard chemicals delivered by air or by ship.

      Complaint solution

      If there is any failure on our products to pass customer’s test a refund of the order price will be made or a qualified replacement will be arranged, providing the purchaser shows powerful evidence accepted by both sides. We only accept quality complaint within 30 days from the date of delivery.

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